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Soy marinated pork loin

An Asian entry! This soy marinated pork loin is quick and easy to make, so as long as you have some pork loin in your fridge, you can make this for dinner tonight. This particular pork loin was lean, so if you’re health┬ácautious, this is something you may like.


Pork loin, as much as you want, cut thinly to about o.2 inches

Soy sauce, two tablespoon

Garlic, one or two cloves, finely chopped

Honey, 1 teaspoon

Black pepper

If you like spicy, sriracha sauce, 3 or 4 squeezes out of the bottle


1. Quick marination. Combine all ingredients except for the pork loin to make the sauce and mix well. Then place the thinly cut pork loin in the sauce in a big enough container. Use your hands and massage the sauce into the pork.

2. Heat up a pan with oil (or without oil), and allow the meat to cook thoroughly (don’t forget to flip!)

3. DONEEEE. Easy!

With a side of roasted brussel sprouts!

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3 comments on “Soy marinated pork loin

  1. cookinginsens
    March 29, 2012

    That pork loin looks beautifully cooked. I like the brussel sprouts too :)

    • Plates of Art
      March 29, 2012

      Thanks! Yup, I love tender pork so I think the marinating it definitely helped out.
      I looove roasted brussel sprouts-so easy to make and they’re delicious!

  2. cookinginsens
    March 29, 2012

    That pork loin looks perfectly cooked

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